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Sunday, October 6, 2013

This just in......

Finally got this stuff figured out!

The Tea Party flexed their political muscle by forcing a governmental shut down.

The Republican Party calmly flouted their influence by telling the world it’s all the Democratic Party’s fault.

The Democratic Party immediately launched a finger pointing campaign, adamantly stating that they’d never done anything wrong, and it must be caused by the Republicans.

Fox News broke into one of their “Breaking News” segments to announce the interrupted “Breaking News” development was being interrupted by yet another “Breaking News” segment.

CNN  countered by offering a Nancy Grace special report, “Jody Arias, Donald Trump and George Zimmerman, The Twisted Love Triangle.”

The Tea Party reestablished their political might, by proposing funding for all furloughed federal workers.

In an unprecedented display of maturity and tri-partisan cooperation, the Republican, Democratic and Tea parties deflected any responsibility for the ongoing crisis, by fervently stating they, individually, we’re not responsible.

The problem wasn’t caused by any political party, and fringe movement. It wasn’t caused by President Obama, Harry Reid or John Boehner.

History has proven, over and over again, that no single person is powerful enough to bring this country to its knees. Nixon couldn’t do it, nor could Bill Clinton.

The blame for all the difficulties we currently face belongs squarely on the shoulders of those who vote along party lines and allow others to do their thinking. Somehow it became easier to parrot the words and thoughts of others, than to do our own homework.

I’m thinking that until the voters of this country hold their elected representatives strictly accountable for their actions/inactions, we are going to get, and deserve, more of the same.

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