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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I’ve learned that by writing a problem out, using my own words, I am better able to understand what’s going on.

As citizens, we elect the folks who are to represent us in congress.

Those representatives are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that our voice and best interests are heard.

Today, it seems that some of our elected representatives have decided they need not enact or protect a program which the Supreme Court has ruled to Constitutional.

Those same representatives have now taken actions which force a large part of our government to be closed down. Many of the programs which address the needs of special need/at risk children are closed.  Funds which finance many assistance programs are gone. Nearly a million federal employees have been furloughed, without pay.

The National Institute of Health furloughed over 14,000 employees, and by doing so, brought on-going clinical trials to an end. Many of the patients impacted are children. Some of the clinical protocols will be scrapped, due to the break in treatment.

The US intelligence Community has furloughed 70% of its employees.

Lots of folks are going to have to find alternative ways to pay their bills, buy food and make their way through this. They won’t be spending a lot of money, so everyone up and down the consumer chain is going to feel the pinch.

The representatives we have elected to represent us have apparently decided they know what’s best for us and, prior to the governmental shut-down, made provisions to insure that their pay checks would be deposited on time, regardless of the length of the shut-down.

Go figure….

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