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Monday, September 24, 2012

Bob's new business cards were impressive...

Hero of the Oppressed

Certified Love Slave
Unrepentant Frolicker
Charmingly Modest
Irresistibly Playful
Sanctioned Ballroom Dance Instructor
Four-Octave Yodeler
Experienced Erotic Dancer
Charm School Graduate
Impeccably Groomed
Devilishly Handsome
Boyishly Charming
Partially Housebroken
Recently Vaccinated
Wistfully Delightful
Snappy Dresser
Refreshingly Humble
An Undeniable Beacon of All That Is Good


  1. Now that's a man that has it

  2. Oh yea! Esspecially the partially housebroken part! Lmao