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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quaint, Rustic Timeshare Available

Were downsizing and pinching pennies, just like everyone else.

Up for sale/barter is a limited timeshare on our vintage, dual-occupancy outhouse.

Built in 1938, this stunning two-holer features moderately ample ventilation and a view of our back yard. These spacious (16 square foot) accommodations celebrate a simpler time, and allow the user abundant room to spread out.

The much coveted two hole, or dual seater, offers the opportunity to meet and get to very personally know new friends.

Re-purposed catalogs and newspapers offer the rustic charm of a bygone era

We are offering a limited number (50) of $50 per month timeshares.

Why wait? Act today to claim your piece of Americana.
Squirt me an email. Well honker down and talk a spell.

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