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Saturday, December 19, 2015

The voice said,

   " Language, and the ability to effectively use words is one of man’s most powerful and long lasting tools.

     Nothing we read is ever fully forgotten, just as nothing we hear is ever completely erased—it stays with us all of our days, and guides our journey, whether we realize it or not.

     The day will come, when, after you’ve poisoned more relationships, you will look back and realize he was the one. He was the one who loved you enough to quite literally die for you, and you tossed him aside, just like you’ve tossed so many others aside in your life.

     You will never find another such love, regardless how long you live, or how desperately you search.

     You have yet to learn that love—the essence of all life—is the most powerful, and elusive of all emotions.

     No amount of screaming and yelling will allow you to un-hear these words, and they will follow you—haunt you—for the rest of your life.

     I do not envy you the things you will realize in the coming days, or the profound, unhealing wound  you have inflicted on yourself. "

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