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Friday, March 21, 2014

and a child shall lead them......

Over the past few weeks, I have had the immeasurable pleasure—dare I call it a gift—of  listening to in-depth discussions, lectures and dissertations, covering subjects which elude both contemporary educators and our crisis-driven media.  

These penetrating dialogs were delivered by the learned scholars 
I am honored to call my grandsons.

Kelan demonstrated his mastery of super hero status with a stunning analysis comparing the potentially superior hero-sity of the legendary Tony Stark (IronMan) versus the overwhelming abilities of Batman.

Jak explored the many challenges which would hamper whales who would try to drive automobiles, to include the necessity of raising the heights of all traffic signals, and potentially having to expand the width of driving lanes.

Kai outlined his plans for seizing, and establishing the local COSTCO as his base of operations, at the first hint of the onset of the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

Professor Jak educated us on the need for gophers to be up-to-date on laptop/smart phone operating procedures. Apparently, there are no windows in their underground tunnels, and the familiarity with state-of-the-art communications/internet/gps operations allows them to enhance their subterranean endeavors.

One of the most compelling and controversial presentations, delivered by Kelan, for the first time explored a glaring deficiency in contemporary entertainment.  The premise is simple, but the ramifications are electric.

His question was simple, but the answer anything but. Who is keeping Beyoncé from covering  Johnny Cash’s, “How Highs the Water Momma?”


Flying westward, with the priceless echoes of laughter in my head, it occurred to me that there is much to be learned from our children’s children. I also came to realize what an irreplaceable loss is incurred by those who will not, or do not avail themselves of this priceless tsunami of knowledge.

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