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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I’ve been thinking about developing a new reality show. It’s actually pretty simple.

 The project focuses on a highly dysfunctional, multi-generational, inbred family of Mississippi rednecks, who rebuild and sell vintage and high performance cars and trucks. Their shop is on a functioning crab/salmon fishing/gold dredge boat, harbored at Attu Island, in Alaska’s Aleutian Island chain.

The show will follow the volatile day-to-day activities of the families other businesses, including an illegal distillery, a pawn shop and a gold dredge crewed by several gourmet chefs and captained by an over-zealous psychic/cat whisperer from New Zealand.

When the workday ends, the family relaxes by murdering ducks, arguing, tattooing each other, restoring antique fire hydrants, gas pumps and motorcycles, and forge ahead with  DIY renovation on their home/boat/store.

The show is to be narrated by Elvis impersonators,
 and sponsored by the American Society of Uncertified Dental Hygienists (ASUDH)

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