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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Over the moon

He is a six year old, seasoned professional.  

He swims better than most fish, and employs many disguises to hide the fact he is the real Batman.

Before the last election, 
he announced to his family that he was voting for Barrack Obama.

Why? He says he’s a proud African American.

He embraces those of all colors as, “My people.”


He is the youngest International Lego Master on record, and may be the best 6 year old drummer in history.

He is a hardened, front-line warrior, taking the lead in Mommy’s war against breast cancer.

But last night, on the phone, with him sitting on his North Carolina front porch, 
and me sitting on my Oregon front porch, 
we discovered we were both looking at the same exact moon.

In those few seconds, fueled by the excitement of our unprecedented lunar discovery,
 he was just Kelan and I was just his Boppa.

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