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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Life continues to teach me. 

I’ve struggled recently, trying to find the words of thanks to all those who have been so incredibly generous and supportive of my daughter, Rebecca, as she wages her war against breast cancer.

Cancer doesn’t care.

It is ruthless, brutal, and coldly efficient.

As a parent, I have always wanted to know who my children’s friends were. I understood early that those acquaintances and friends could either help or hinder the path to adulthood.

I’ve come to know that although they’ve grown into strong, intelligent, beautiful adults, there still remains, deep within my heart, an abiding concern that the people they allow into their lives be positive and supportive influences.

Over the past months, I have learned just how deep the oceans of support and love can be.

The diagnosis of my daughter’s breast cancer, and the treatments aimed at fighting it, triggered a tsunami of assistance, aid and unconditional love, all stemming from both the people she calls friends and total strangers. 

Meals, cards, prayers, hugs and cleanly shorn heads are just a few of the methods by which the good people of Carolina Beach, Wilmington,  (and yes, Monkey Junction), Life Point Church, Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Texas, Africa, Alaska, New York, Washington, and Florida have selflessly come to the aid of Rebecca, her husband and their three sons.

Life continues to teach me, and I’ve learned that the best of our society lives in the hearts of those who reach out to help a neighbor—regardless of where that neighbor resides
Cancer doesn’t care, but the impact on its victims is diminished through the love, support and commitment of good people.

"The measure of a man,
Is one who lends a hand,
That's what my Father said."
                                                         Vince Gill

I’ve learned that Rebecca’s life is full of generous, compassionate and courageous people.

The battle isn’t over, but with the support of so many others, 
my warrior daughter will prevail.

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