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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Golden Corral

Golden Corral

                                                                                         (Sung to the tune of Brooks and Dunn’s, Neon Moon )

When the sun goes down
In Uncle Wilbur’s home town
At the Golden Corral,
He’s honkerin’ down,
And eating, yes, he’s eating.

He’s chewing chicken and ribs
Using bath towels for bibs
At the Golden Corral,
Wilbur’s all honkered down,
And eating, oh, oh yes, he’s eating.

So if you want some real fine dinner
Like a winner-winner chicken dinner
Get to the Golden Corral
‘fore Wilbur goes on the prowl,
And starts eating.

He loves some okra and greens,
Spaghetti and beans
Boiled onions and pie
Give’s it all a try,
He’s eating, burpin’ and eating.

So when the sun goes down
In Uncle Wilbur’s home town
Get to the Golden Corral,
Before he swallows it all down
And just keeps eatin’…

He’ll  just keeps eatin’

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