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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Slow traffic merge right...

So, I'm motoring down the road, and see a billboard.

Oh, crap!
I’ll be 64 next week.
I’ve been married for 40 years, and
I have 3 kids.
I have a small herd of grandchildren,
an SUV, a 4x4 pickup and a tractor.
I have a mortgage, 9 guitars,
and own a 65 year old bulldozer.

I’m old, fat and tired,
and now I have to have a future?


  1. i have no clue who or where you are..but you are in the wrong biz, my, sir, are a poet...a storyteller par excellence...i continue to LOL..and ROFLMAO!!...PUBLISH SOMETHING!!..Snorp would back me up on this

  2. Hahaha! You are great! You made my day! I agree with the anonymous writer've GOT to write a book!

  3. Okay, okay, you really got me this time, I laughed so hard I peed a little. Minus the farm equipment,guitars and fat, that's me you're talking about. I'm a writer and you my friend are funny and insightful as all hell. Write more, I want to read more of what's in your head. Sherry